The first task management app focused on results, not to-do lists doubles your productivity
by setting and following your priorities. is built on a priority framework trusted by executives and managers at thousands of organizations worldwide, including:

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Achieve more and do less with smart prioritization

  • . Higher Productivity

    Everything is designed around productivity and prioritization. Become more productive by working on things that really matter.

  • . Better Prioritization

    Our app helps you concentrate on key tasks, delegate, and avoid multitasking by setting and following your priorities.

  • . Reduces Stress

    Focus on achievements and avoid the burnout that results from trying to complete every meaningless task. Simply reduce your workload.

  • . Simplifies Life

    All of your responsibilities, prioritized in one place. Each feature is designed to make your life as simple as possible.

What people say about the frameworks uses

Thomas Davies, Google Inc.

There are only so many hours in a workday, so you may as well think more strategically about how you spend them. When I’m present at work and focused on the most critical tasks, I’m spending less time overall slogging through one thing followed by another. I’m organized, I’m energized, and I’m ultimately more efficient.

Roli Saxena, Linkedin Inc.

It was the best thing I could have done. I immediately saw how many things I was doing that had no value to the company, how many things didn’t need to be done now, and how many things I could delegate. For a year at LinkedIn, I went down to 4 days a week because I wanted to be there for my son as he was applying to college. Keep in mind I was running a significant part of North American sales — and it worked!